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One of the leading companies for exporting handicraft products in Vietnam, Giao Chau Rattan & Bamboo Manufacture and export Co.,Ltd has been become a trusted and reliable supplier for oversea Importers since 2006. Our products are made by craftmen who have high-weaving skills at well-known hundred-years traditional handicraft Village in Chuong My District, Ha Noi Capital – Vietnam, from natural materials such as: Bamboo, Rattan, Seagrass, Water-Hyacinth,.etc.


Our products are used for decorating Homewares as Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Picnic, …These products are the best choice for bringing you to the nature and eco-friendly enviroment.


Now we are stepping into new development period with the best policies which aim to satisfy the highly customer’s demands in the time of competition, we commit to supply customers with 3 best-guidelines: best prices, best quality, and best services.


Giaochau Co.,Ltd will be a destination for the smart Buyer on Vietnam handicraft field.


Factory and Head office:

Address: Km25, Phu Nghia Commune, Chuong My Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Tel: +84-4 33 910191   Fax: +84-4 33 910010

Email: handicraft@giaochau.com.vn


Contact Information:

Director: Mr. Bui Dac Tu

Company: Giaochau Bamboo Co., Ltd

Email: handicraft@giaochau.com.vn/director@giaochau.com.vn

Website: www.giaochau.com.vn


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